I've always needed to make art. As a kid, I'd draw in the backseat on every family trip, get a motion sickness headache, and have to throw up 10 minutes later. Then I'd do it all over again a bit later down the road.

My art reflects my life. Recent work is inspired by health, illness, fatherhood, and youth.

I paint and I draw, but mostly, I make prints. Woodcuts are my true love thanks to the German Expressionist's high contrast, no nonsense approach. The actual prints are 2-D in the end, but carving the wooden blocks to pull the prints from also gives me a chance to scratch the 3-D, sculptural itch.

In 2000, I moved to Japan and learned the differences between Japanese and western style woodcut. Japanese style woodcut requires brushes, not rollers, for a more painterly application of the ink. The result is usually a more subtle 'watercolor' style look. And because you print by hand, there's no press required. I like to combine both eastern and western methods because I can't give up certain aspects of either way.

I also make music and love living in sunny Sacramento, CA after many years in cloudy, yet wonderful Portland, OR.

What is printmaking? This animated site explains it well.